Mediation may make divorce process less stressful

The dissolution of a marriage can be a frightening time emotionally and financially. However, mediation, an alternative dispute resolution, can help to make the process more palatable in the state of Massachusetts and elsewhere. Divorce mediation was not heard of more than two decades ago, but it has increased in demand in recent years.

Mediation is often used for tackling disputes involving child visitation and child custody. The spouses can work on a parenting plan that reflects both of their wishes and the best interests of the child. However, divorce mediation can also be helpful for working out financial disagreements, such as those involving the splitting of assets.

In addition to addressing child custody and property division during mediation, matters involving the payment of debts and alimony can also be discussed. In addition, child support calculations can take place. The point of divorce mediation is for both spouses to work toward a resolution that satisfies both sides.

With the help of an attorney in the state of Massachusetts, it is possible to complete an informed negotiation in a few sessions. The mediation process is thus less time consuming and costly than going to trial. This alternative to litigation can therefore also be less stressful, which can be beneficial for the entire family when children are involved in the divorce process. It can be especially helpful for parents who will have to co-parent for years following the divorce, as honing their negotiation skills can improve their chances of working out other issues that may crop up in the years ahead.

Source:, “The many costs of divorce“, Linda Bryant, March 3, 2017