Medway Business Council discusses expansion

Business Council will meet in March 2013 to discuss new expansion planned for the town. Two people who will speak with the council are the commercial real estate developer in charge of the building of Tri Valley Commons and the economic development director. These two speakers will provide a synopsis of both economic development efforts and property development plans.

Medway’s economic development director has been negotiating with organizations across the region and the state of Massachusetts to solicit support for the town’s economic and property development. She will be discussing marketing and regulations at the meeting. The commercial real estate developer will present an overview of the new plaza, which comprises of 35,000 square feet and has entered the permit stage.

The development of any town is dependent on several factors. Businesses must be attracted to the area by low taxes or other conditions that make it feasible for them to be successful. In expansion areas, they must also have access to the things they need to operate, such as water, sewage services and electricity as well as having sufficient space to build. In the recent economic climate, it has become very important that cities plan carefully to attract businesses and increase jobs and revenue for their citizens.

When planning a commercial real estate agreement, many business owners and governmental agencies turn to business attorneys who can draw up agreements, close real estate sales and assist with other business transactions. Attorneys may be able to help business owners or governmental agencies understand the implications of their transactions and make informed decisions about how to handle their affairs.

Source: Milford Daily News, “Medway Business Council meeting to discuss changes in town,” Feb. 25, 2013