New paternity lawsuit filed against NBA star Michael Jordan

In a new paternity lawsuit, a 32-year-old woman recently sued former basketball star Michael Jordan claiming he is the father of her young daughter. Court documents allege the woman gave birth in 2010 following an affair with the National Basketball Association legend. The mother of the two-year-old is asking for child support in her paternity suit and has made public statements on a social media website. Attorneys for Jordan allege paternity for the child at issue was established a year ago.

The lawsuit bears several similarities to a previously filed paternity suit against Jordan. That woman’s case was eventually dismissed. The court even went so far as to fine her in the attempt at a publicity stunt.

Paternity issues are one of the many areas covered by Westborough Family Law. Unlike Jordan, the average Massachusetts resident does not face public scrutiny in a paternity suit. However, the issues that arise are very similar.

Establishing paternity for a child is important on several different levels. Once paternity is established, one can start to grow the important parental bond between father and child. Child custody and visitation issues will also need to be addressed. The establishment of paternity can assist the parties in obtaining a Child support award. The payment of Child support is very important as it provides for the financial health and well being of the child.

Paternity issues can be stressful and emotional for all the parties involved. An experienced Massachusetts family law attorney can help guide clients through the process of establishing paternity and getting a Child support order in place. Although paternity issues can become complex, family law attorneys are well seasoned with dealing in these types of issues.

Source: Sports World News, “Michael Jordan News: Atlanta Woman, Juyana Theus, Claims NBA Legend Father Of Her Love Child,” Glenn Minnis, Sept. 27, 2013