The Board of License Commissioners on Thursday granted Canal District Wines a license to operate inside the Worcester Public Market. It was the second try for owners Oliva D ‘Ambrosio and Rachel Scanlon, who failed to get an approval from the board in June. After an initial 2-1 denial by the license commission for a liquor license for a specialty wine store at the Worcester Public Market, Mr. Stempler appeared before the board again today and secured the license.

In opening remarks, Mr. Stempler illustrated what’s different about Canal District Wines using two Shrewsbury Street restaurants: the pricey One Eleven Chop House and the fast-food chain McDonald’s. 

“They both serve beef, but for different types of diners”, he said.

“No one would ever say since we have McDonalds, we don’t need a chop house,” Stempler said.

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