Practical guidance for buying a home

As previously discussed on this blog, the Worcester housing market is picking up and residential housing prices are on the rise. With market trends booming, many people can easily get swept up in the excitement of pursuing a real estate purchase. For most people, buying a home is a lengthy process that requires the assistance of real estate professionals due to the complexities that surround real estate transactions.

A real estate agent with a national real estate website says that there are several things that home buyers need to address during a purchase. First, buyers need to be aware of what they can financially afford to put into buying a home. While buyers may be able to identify an actual amount that they can or are willing to spend, they should make sure that the amount fits into their overall financial situation.

Second, buyers should know what they are seeking in a potential new home. Whether it is more space, a new neighborhood or any other factor that leads people to seek out new residences, buyers should be able to identify what they desire in their real estate purchase.

Finally, buyers should work with trusted real estate professionals, such as agents and lenders, to make sure that their real estate transaction proceeds smoothly. With nearly a third of all purchasers not fully understanding aspects of residential lending and the relatively large amounts of money that individuals become responsible for through their mortgages, having trusted help during the home buying process can set new residential real estate buyers up to enjoy their new homes for years to come.

Source: 9 News, “2 key things to know when buying a home,” May 9, 2013