Product liability claim may stem from dangerous teething products

Consumers with babies in Massachusetts may be affected by a recent recall of teething products. Specifically, Hyland homeopathic teething products have been removed from the shelves of stores as part of a major recall. According to the Food and Drug Administration, two particular kinds of these dangerous products have been linked to 10 children’s deaths, which is grounds for product liability claims.

The maker of the teething products, Standard Homeopathic Company, recently decided to recall its nighttime and regular teething tablets. This move was made because the Food and Drug Administration determined that these products incorrectly labeled the quantities of Belladonna alkaloids in them. After making this determination, the administration issued warnings to parents about utilizing the hazardous teething tablets, and the company said it would quit distributing them throughout the United States.

Belladonna is considered a toxic substance that can harm children. In addition to receiving reports of children’s deaths in connection with the teething products, the Food and Drug Administration also received reports about vomiting and seizures. Consumers who have the products are encouraged to discard them and pursue refunds from the company.

When a company’s product ends up harming a customer in the state of Massachusetts, that customer has the right to seek legal recourse in an effort to right any wrong that has been done. This may include filing a product liability claim against the company, seeking damages. A case that is fought victoriously may lead to monetary damages, which may help to cover medical costs and other losses stemming from the use of the dangerous product.

Source:, “Baby teething tablets recalled nationwide“, April 17, 2017