Remaining in marriage for kids’ sake may not be best

The decision to get divorced is almost always difficult to make, but it can be especially hard when children are involved. Many couples feel it is better for the children for the marriage to remain intact. While parents may think having both parents present in the household provides a stable, welcoming and comfortable home, the truth may be different.

One man who is dealing with this issue decided to ask the internet community on its take. When the responses came back, five statements became common, supporting the view that getting divorced is better for a couple’s children. First, many who grew up in divorced households or in households where parents did not get divorced but maybe should have, hearing their parents argue created more stress than the divorce process itself. Second, and related, many felt their home life was depressing and unhappy when their parents tried to stay together for their sake.

Third, some could tell the marital relationship was on the rocks even without mention of divorce. When parents spend considerable time apart, do not talk often and sleep in different rooms, children often know the truth of the situation. Fourth, parents who are unhappy in their marriage often take their frustrations out on their children, which can harm parental relationships. Lastly, those who responded felt children can adapt to a divorce situation more quickly than their parents may think.

Getting divorced is rarely easy. In addition to feeling stressed about their own well-being and their children’s, divorcing couples must also consider many legal matters. Sometimes complicated questions of child custody and visitation, alimony, child support and property division can all come into play and can be hotly contested. In an effort to ease the process and reach a resolution that supports his or her interests, a divorcing party should consider speaking with a Central Massachusetts Family Law Attorney.

Source: The Huffington Post, “5 Reasons Kids From Unhappy Homes Say It’s Better To Divorce Than Stay Married,” Jan. 27, 2014