Residential real estate goes small in Worcester

In and around Massachusetts, many people want to buy bigger homes to accommodate their growing families and incomes. It seems that only those people who are experiencing empty nests choose to downsize and seek out smaller spaces in which to live. That trend may be changing across the country as well as right here in Worcester.

A new development of mini-lofts is set to open on Main Street. The lofts will all be slightly larger than 300 square feet, which is the minimum size set by the community’s development and zoning laws. Developer SJ Realty LLC recently showed off one of the small living spaces that include kitchen appliances, furniture and access to community space for working out and doing laundry.

Mini-condos and apartments are popular in many large American cities where space is expensive. Though the spaces that will become available in Worcester are planned to be rental apartments, other areas around Boston have micro-spaces for sale on the residential real estate market.

Individuals who are interested in these downsized spaces should be aware of some of the challenges associated with living in minimal space. While some developments like the one in Worcester have soundproof walls to keep neighbors out of each other’s business, privacy can be difficult in some places where many people are living in a small space.

As mini-living becomes a new popular trend here in Massachusetts and across the country, individuals interested in buying small spaces may consider working with a real estate professional who can help them better understand the financial benefits and challenges of buying a unique home. For now, Worcester residents who are interested in the planned micro-apartments can try out small space living on a trial basis by renting one of the units.

Source:, “Worcester joins micro-loft housing trend, allowing residents to live large in small spaces,” Michelle Williams, Aug. 23, 2013