Selling a home can complicate divorce process

A marital breakup in Massachusetts can understandably be challenging to navigate both financially and emotionally. However, making matters even more complicated is the decision to sell the marital home as part of the divorce process. A couple of tips may help to make the process easier for the parties involved.

First, getting the home ready for showings can be quite difficult in the middle of a divorce proceeding. However, perhaps just one spouse can handle this task, or maybe the couple could hire professionals to do it. These professionals can easily complete tasks such as staging, painting and minor repairs before the home is listed for sale.


Second, a challenging aspect of selling a home during divorce is deciding what to do about the offers. Reviewing purchase offers is not something that can really be handled separately. Although the two spouses can certainly study them separately, they will have to talk about them and reach a mutually satisfactory decision together. A real estate agent may be helpful in coordinating the parties’ discussion and helping them to reach a final decision.

Although the divorce process can be difficult, two spouses may find that going through divorce negotiation or mediation versus traditional divorce trial is much more amicable and less stressful. In these alternative processes to litigation, the couple can work together to reach an agreement that satisfies both sides. An attorney in Massachusetts can provide the guidance needed to make sure that the client’s best interests are protected during all stages of the divorce proceeding.

Source:, “How to Handle a Property Sale After a Divorce“, Anna Granger, Feb. 21, 2018