Separating commercial, residential properties in estate planning

Putting together a detailed estate plan can help families and individuals in Massachusetts to take care of their heirs long term by protecting their financial futures. This includes passing down residential real estate to loved ones by specifying in wills who should receive these assets. However, when businesses are involved, estate planning must be taken a step further to include business succession planning.

For instance, an important part of estate planning for those who own businesses is creating contingencies for their untimely deaths or incapacitation. It is also important that you put together a business strategy that places your organization’s needs first. Part of this process involves specifying training programs as well as developmental professional goals to make sure that your family members are ready for the changing roles.

An attorney in Massachusetts can sit down with you to go over your most complicated estate planning matters involving a business and commercial property. It is critical that you work with an attorney who has both estate planning knowledge and business acumen. The attorney’s goal should be to help you to develop a unique and strong strategy that places your future success at the forefront.

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