Several reasons cited for getting a divorce

When couples in Massachusetts marry, they often expect their unions to be long lasting. However, sometimes, divorce simply cannot be avoided. In fact, more than 10 percent of Americans who are at least 15 years old have gone through marital breakups and have not gotten married again. Couples divorce for a wide range of reasons, but several common ones are worth noting.

According to a recent study, most people who get divorced break up due to a lack of dedication to their spouses. Seventy-five percent of study participants cited this as their reason for divorcing. Meanwhile, the second most frequently cited reason is being unfaithful to one’s spouse, with more than 59 percent of participants citing this.

In the study, more than 57 percent of participants acknowledged that their constant arguing led to the demise of their marriages. In addition, a little over 45 percent claimed that the fact that they got married too young caused their divorces. Other participants asserted that they also got divorced due to domestic violence, drug issues in the marriage and financial challenges.

In Massachusetts, the city of Whitinsville happens to be the state’s divorce capital, with more than 17 percent of people there being divorced. However, divorce can easily take place at any location in the Bay State, and the process can be difficult to handle from both a financial and an emotional standpoint. This is why consulting an attorney early on in the process is generally a good idea. A family law attorney can walk a divorcing individual through the divorce proceeding and make sure that his or her rights are protected each step of the way.