Several reasons exist to feel thankful during divorce

Getting divorced is a distressing experience, so naturally, finding reasons to complain is often easier than finding reasons to be grateful. However, finding reasons to be filled with gratitude even in the midst of an acrimonious divorce proceeding may make the process more palatable. Here are a few reasons to feel thankful while going through divorce in Massachusetts.

New traditions are major reasons for which to be thankful both during and after divorce. A marital split-up puts an end to many obligations and traditions — including those that perhaps were not necessarily one’s favorite. Following a divorce, one can choose to spend the holidays with supportive friends and family members and engage in other personally desirable traditions instead.

Second, having a post-divorce home filled with peace is invaluable. In many situations prior to getting divorced, spouses may have felt as though they are walking on eggshells at home, as they were fearful of sparking the other party’s rage. Even though a newly divorced spouse might have a smaller house or less money following the marital separation, he or she can finally enjoy peace that he or she might not have been able to experience for years.

The divorce process can be filled with both financial and emotional challenges. However, it is possible to feel a greater sense of control and peace in this type of proceeding by taking advantage of informal negotiations or even divorce mediation. These processes can be less stressful than going to court, and they also provide more privacy than one would experience at divorce trial. An attorney can help to ensure that one’s rights and best interests are protected during every stage of a divorce proceeding in Massachusetts.

Source:, “Five Reasons to be Thankful for Divorce“, Carla Schiff Donnelly, Nov. 20, 2017