Splitting up can be less stressful through collaborative divorce

When it comes to getting divorced, not every couple in Massachusetts wants to drag out the process, which can make an already-stressful experience even more stressful. Rather, many couples are interested in resolving their issues amicably. These couples are good candidates for a process known as collaborative divorce.

Collaborative divorce is a model that is focused on the clients, with the spouses deciding how matters such as asset division are handled rather than leaving such decisions to the court. Typically, each spouse has his or her own attorney. A financial professional along with a mental health professional help to round out their team of professionals.

The goal of collaborative divorce is for the spouses to come to an agreement on potentially contentious issues as efficiently and quickly as possible. The opposite happens in a litigated divorce, where it is common for the spouses or their attorneys to make conflicts worse, either on purpose or inadvertently. In addition, through collaborative divorce, the spouses can pinpoint both long- and short-range goals for their family. These goals are often more extensive than what can be generated during a litigated divorce case.

During a collaborative divorce proceeding, the spouses can continue to revise their goals as they deem necessary as well. Another benefit of collaborative divorce is that both parties must agree to be totally transparent, thus eliminating the need for formal discovery. An attorney in Massachusetts can help with each step of the process to make sure that one’s best interests are considered during efforts to reach a mutually beneficial settlement.

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