Successfully going through divorce is possible

Societal stigmas continue to exist. However, divorce is not as scandalous today as it was years ago; instead, it is simply something that sometimes happens to couples. A few tips may help with navigating the divorce process in Massachusetts.

First, being wise about how one conducts oneself is critical during the divorce proceeding. This includes not engaging in questionable behavior, such as taking drugs or drinking alcohol. It also includes not posting anything on social media that may end up upsetting the future ex-spouse or the children, as this could ultimately have negative consequences on one’s end.

Second, focusing on the children is paramount. Making a detailed list of visitation options and parenting issues can be a helpful starting point. Knowing details about the lives of the children, such as their activities, is essential when considering all visitation and custody options.

The divorce process in Massachusetts can be challenging to navigate due to its many moving parts, ranging from child custody to property division, child support and even spousal support. However, if two spouses can try to work out these issues through informal negotiations, they may be able to achieve an outcome that is mutually satisfactory and beneficial on all fronts. If they are unable to find common ground in some areas, they will have to go to trial, where a judge will decide how these issues should be handled. Unfortunately, the judge’s final decisions may not necessarily be in alignment with either of the spouse’s wishes in the long term.

Source:, “A Successful Divorce? It’s Possible.“, Michael Wysocki, Sept. 1, 2017