Supplier files breach of contract suit against Dick’s

A company in another state recently claimed that Dick’s Sporting Goods abruptly stopped its sale of certain  weapons. In addition, the sporting goods store reportedly refused to accept the company’s ammunition deliveries despite having ordered them. As a result, the company has decided to file a breach of contract claim against Dick’s. Likewise, companies in Massachusetts that feel that they have been negatively impacted by a breach of contract can seek justice through the civil court system.

Following a school shooting, Dick’s announced that it was going to stop selling certain high-capacity magazines and rifles to people under the age of 21. However, the ammunition supplier that filed the recent lawsuit claimed that Dick’s stated it would be fine with still taking deliveries up to Nov. 2016 as long as the supplier procured, customized, branded and packaged certain calibers and amounts of ammunition. According to the lawsuit, in reality, Dick’s knew that it was not going to take future deliveries despite promising to do so.

Because Dick’s reportedly refused the supplier’s deliveries, the supplier had to warehouse its banded ammunition until the following August. That is when Dick’s finally agreed to take its delivery. The ordeal, however, allegedly caused the supplier to suffer substantial economic damages due to lost sales opportunities.

When two companies enter into a contract, they are legally bound by its terms. A breach of contract takes place when one party fails to abide by the terms of the agreement with no legitimate reason for doing so. Fortunately, an attorney in Massachusetts can help a businessperson to fight for the reimbursement of monetary damages if he or she ends up suffering harm as a result of a breach of contract.