Taking Paternity Testing On the Road: A New Trend in Establishing Paternity?

Unmarried parents in Massachusetts may deal with many issues when preparing to raise their children, including child custody, child support payments and visitation schedules. Determining paternity is often the first step before addressing any of these issues. An East Coast man is taking a fast and blunt approach to the matter of paternity testing and paternity disputes.

His approach entails a “Who’s Your Daddy” truck, which he drives around New York City, offering DNA testing to men. Some people describe the scene as something out of a daytime reality show with both the good and unexpected results. The driver says his traveling van is useful for people who may not otherwise take a paternity test.

The test sells for $299 to $575 and the operator gives people the option to hear the results in person or have result mailed to them at a later date. The man said that he frequently sees formerly deployed military personnel who are seeking reassurance about the paternity of their children born while they are away.

While the “Who’s Your Daddy” van is likely something that could only work in an environment like New York, it does shed some light on the issue of paternity testing. Determination of parenting is often critical to establishing child custody, visitation and child support in order to provide for a child’s best interests.

Source: New York Post, “Mr. Genealogy: Mobile tests let dads know,” Tim Perone and Erin Calabrese, August 15, 2012

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