Tech companies win class action battle

A federal judge has ruled that certain technology companies such as Apple and Google should not be sued under a class action strategy. The judge’s ruling was explained by the belief that the various allegations of wage repression and freedom to transfer jobs were too diverse to result in a successful class action lawsuit. For Massachusetts workers who might have been considering joining a class action business litigation suit, this means that they will now be required to file individual complaints against technology companies.

Tens of thousands of employees of various technology companies are said to have been affected by the companies’ actions. However, the judge believed that the rights of the workers covered too many various issues to allow their complaints to be filed singly. A class action lawsuit must address similar issues for all plaintiffs in order to be collectively filed, and a judge must rule that the class can exist based on the evidence presented by the plaintiffs.

The question of the class action filing is an important one not only for the approximately 100,000 workers who may be affected. It is also important for the companies that may be sued, given that secret information may become public about how these companies manage employee strategies and attempt to avoid “poaching” talent from each other.

For those who may become involved in any type of business litigation, it is very important that the lawsuits are founded on sound legal principles. Business litigation attorneys may be able to help companies that are facing lawsuits from employees by explaining the companies’ rights and options and recommending courses of action.

Source: Boston Globe, “Class action denied in tech workers’ lawsuit,” April 7, 2013