Timing of Massachusetts divorce — is it seasonal?

Sometimes getting divorced in Massachusetts or elsewhere is inevitable if two spouses cannot reconcile their differences. However, research indicates that the time of the year might play a significant role in a couple’s decision to get a divorce. Sociologists recently analyzed filings for divorce in another state and learned that marital breakups peaked consistently after the summer and winter holidays.

The season during which a couple decides to get divorced may depend on several factors. In some cases, the factor may be the weather. In other cases, it might depend on a certain date that holds significance to the couple, such as a loved one’s loss, a holiday or an anniversary.

The research suggested that the number of divorce filings especially increases during the months of August and March. After all, couples might view the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons as inappropriate times for getting divorced. In addition, some couples try to use these holiday times to mend their relationships.

No matter the season during which a couple decides to get divorced, the process can understandably be an overwhelming one both emotionally and financially. However, if couples can find common ground, they may be able to navigate it more easily. For instance, divorce mediation or informal negotiations may enable the couple to arrive at a mutually satisfactory and beneficial divorce settlement when dealing with matters such as property division, child custody and alimony. A Massachusetts attorney can help to make sure that one’s wishes are upheld at every stage of the process.

Source: chicagocrusader.com, “Is there a divorce season?“, Dec. 27, 2017