Ultrasonix acquired by Analogic Corporation

Analogic Corporation, a company that specializes in medical imaging and aviation security, has announced its acquisition of Ultrasonix Medical Corporation. The business formation cost the company $83 million, which may be adjusted per the purchase agreement. Ultrasonix supplies ultrasound systems that are compatible with Analogic’s current technology. The purchase will be accretive at the start during the fiscal year 2014.

The company plans to combine the Ultrasonix brand of products with its own BK Medical brand to strengthen its Global Ultrasound Group. Ultrasonix has established sales channels and point-of-care products that Analogic hopes to use to improve its own status as a supplier of mobile ultrasound solutions. According to Analogic’s leaders, the company is proud to be working with Ultrasonix and the professional experience the company brings to bear in the ultrasound market.

Company acquisitions often involve complex agreements that businesses undertake in order to expand into competitive markets or collaborate with other companies that have sought-after technology. In this case, Analogic hopes to expand its reach in the ultrasound market by combining its initial strength with that of Ultrasonix. This merger promises to give the company a more global reach and to allow it to access sales channels previously developed by Ultrasonix.

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Source: Nasdaq, “Analogic completes acquisition of Ultrasonix” Mar. 4, 2013