When can child support be modified in Massachusetts?

Routine and consistency are often comforting. But change occurs whether you want it to or not. Some changes are good like a promotion or new house, while other changes are difficult. You may have gotten laid off, or you could be dealing with a health issue. Whatever the concern, you think it might be time to revisit your child support arrangement.

Here are some reasons you can pursue a support modification in Massachusetts:

  • Health insurance is not available or now costs too much
  • You can now get better health insurance
  • An unforeseen illness affects a parent’s ability to work
  • You have lost a job or have had another significant unexpected change in income
  • Your child support payment is no longer in line with the current child support guidelines

There may be other reasons

Other changes within your family may need to be addressed. Perhaps your child requires new medication or physical care. Or maybe your original settlement never factored in paying for your child’s college expenses. You may also have other reasons for requesting a child support modification.

You must prove a substantial change occurred

You must file a complaint for modification to pursue a change in your previous Court orders. Even if the other parent disagrees with your request, you can file a complaint. You must prove a substantial change in circumstances has occurred at the hearing.

You may be uncertain whether your situation qualifies as a substantial change. A family law attorney can offer advice and represent your interests in the courtroom. There is no doubt you want what is best for your children, but certain changes may require that your Court orders be clarified or reexamined.

Families sometimes are challenged by serious legal matters with long term effects. These can be some of the most difficult life events that a family will face. We know that every family, and every situation, is different. Our Family Law attorneys are trained to listen to your needs and act on them. We provide each client with a legal plan designed to help them achieve their unique goals.

Child support disputes can create a great deal of stress. Our deep experience guides our clients toward support awards that are fair given each client’s unique personal and financial circumstances. Our expertise extends to the relationship between child support and the payment of college expenses. Our clients benefit from our knowledge about the intricacies of the Massachusetts child support guidelines and how they work. Our attorneys also routinely assist with modification of prior child support orders, when a change is necessary.