When it comes to the divorce process, preparation is key

Even in cases where an individual initiates and wants a divorce, going through the actual process can be both emotionally and financially draining. The latter is especially true in cases where an individual, regardless of whether or not a divorce was his or her idea, fails to take steps to prepare for the divorce once he or she knows that divorce is eminent.

When it comes to the divorce process, the best-case scenario is when both spouses are able to sit down with one another, talk and come to an agreement about all or most divorce-related issues. For exes who are able to communicate in a civil and effective manner, mediation is typically a less stressful and costly alternative to a traditional divorce.

Often, spouses who plan to divorce experience a certain amount of conflict when trying to sort out who gets what and how much of it. For these reasons, many individuals turn to a divorce attorney who can answer questions, provide guidance when making decisions and advocate on one’s behalf during settlement negotiations.

For individuals who plan to hire a divorce attorney, preparation and organization can go a long way towards making the process as simple and efficient as possible. Upon meeting with an attorney, it’s important to provide any and all information related to both individual and joint banking, savings, investment and retirement accounts. Additionally, it’s important to disclose any debts or other liabilities as well as other income or assets that either an individual or a spouse received or receives from an inheritance or trust.

For divorcing parents with minor-aged children, a divorce attorney will need to understand one’s wishes with regard to custody and visitation and also anything that may impact custody and visitation decisions. It’s also always best for everyone involved when divorcing parents make attempts to resolve child custody matters outside of court.

Much like every marriage is unique, so too is every divorce. When it comes to making decisions related to the division of property, distribution of assets and child custody arrangements; it’s important to be as informed and prepared as possible.

Source: NJ.com, “Divorce is expensive. Here’s how to make it cheaper“, Victoria Dalton, Nov. 21, 2015