Why you should speak with an attorney to avoid litigation

When it comes to your business, you tend to know it better than anyone. You understand the work you do and how it can benefit your customers and consequently, you also understand the deals and decisions you need to make to keep your business successful.

With many transactions, you know a handshake seals the deal because of your relationship. And while you can maintain those personal relationships with many of the businesses you work with, there will come a time when the size of your business or the demands on your time are so great, that you have to hand off some of the work.

At that point, it makes sense, if not far sooner, to sit down with an attorney and discuss your contractual needs. A well-drafted contract sets the expectations between yourself and the other party, and allows you to specify issues of particular importance within the relationship and as they relate to the performance of the contract.

Because much business litigation is a result of misunderstood or improperly set expectations. It can be seen as a cost of the failure to properly manage your information in a meaningful fashion.

Litigation occurs when the contract between the parties fails, because it was too narrow or too generic, and did not actually encompass the future the parties expected. The value an attorney can bring to the discussion and drafting is their experience of how contracts should work and where they often fail.

Our experienced business attorneys have that understanding and can assist in working with you to create contracts that are robust enough to help you avoid unnecessary business litigation.