Child custody dispute can make divorce difficult for children

Divorce can be just as hard on the children as it is on the parents. Just as parents react to divorce in a variety of ways, children also react to their parents’ separation and child custody disputes, with some being only a little unsettled whereas others are traumatized. Here are a few tips for helping children to cope with divorce in Massachusetts.

First, parents would be wise to avoid sharing a lot of details about the reason for the divorce. For instance, it may not be beneficial to go into detail about a particular spouse’s infidelity. Instead, the parents can simply say that they have stopped loving one another perhaps.

Parents would also be wise to allow their children to share their own negative and positive feelings and thoughts about the situation. In addition, it is important that the parents allow the children to have relationships with both of them. Making the children choose sides is not a healthy situation for the children or for the parents.

Dealing with child custody is one of the most emotionally challenging aspects of divorce in Massachusetts. This is true even in the best of divorce circumstances. However, if two parents can find common ground in this area, they can put together their own parenting agreement during informal negotiations or divorce mediation, thus avoiding further court intrusion. This helps to mitigate the stress and acrimony that often comes with going to divorce trial. An attorney can provide the guidance needed to navigate child custody in a manner that is in the client’s best interests and especially in the best interests of the children.