Customizing prenuptial agreements for Massachusetts couples

As society’s view of marriage and divorce has changed over the past several decades, there is no longer the stigma associated with marital agreements that there was in the past. Documents such as premarital agreements are useful, customizable tools that couples can use to avoid future conflict and keep assets separate. This allows couples to focus on more important things – such as a happy and healthy marriage.

A Worcester prenuptial agreement lawyer would probably tell a Massachusetts couple that it is important to outline what they want from a marriage as well as a divorce. Prenuptial agreements are not limited to existing property. These agreements often address issues that may arise during the course of a marriage. Items such as “fidelity clauses” are becoming more common. For instance, prior to Rosie O’Donnell’s recent marriage, she included a clause that should her spouse cheat, she would get nothing in a divorce. Many view these clauses as important because it shows their partner is committed to the relationship.

Although no longer limited to the rich and famous, a few extreme examples illustrate just how tailored one can make a prenuptial agreement. Among the wealthy, there has been an increase in so-called “lifestyle” clauses. These clauses can address any number of issues, ranging from how one treats their in-laws to maintaining a smoke-free household. Some prenuptial agreements have gone so far as to include a weight clause, wherein an overweight spouse would face monetary consequences.

Of course, these extreme cases are not the norm. But many people believe that a successful marriage needs an established framework. For this, a Worcester lawyer can assist Massachusetts couples in customizing a prenuptial agreement for their own particular situation.

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