Massachusetts group lobbies for equal child custody

When Massachusetts parents decide to divorce, the safety and wellbeing of their children often comes first. Parents want to do what is best for their children and will often fight to make sure that happens. While family law courts will decide Massachusetts child custody cases in the best interest of the children, there can be some debate about what is really in their best interest.

In many cases, one parent will be given primary custody and the other will be given parenting time. In these situations, the parent without primary custody — often the father — generally will get the children every other weekend and maybe one night during the week.

While this has been a standard custody arrangement over the last couple decades, groups are now looking to change this in favor of more equal time. One Massachusetts group in particular has started a campaign to obtain more equal time between mothers and fathers. This group will official launch on Father’s Day and is made up completely of women. These women are fighting to give fathers more time with their children by pushing for legislation that will award equal parenting time.

The group has support from women all over the country and from all different political backgrounds. This group recognizes that children are better off when they get to see both their parents more frequently.

While groups like these have been pushing for change, family law courts still need to catch up with the trend. Therefore, if parents want equal parenting time while determining child custody, they should work together to create an agreement. By creating an agreement, these parents can come up with a unique solution that works best for their children and their family.

Source: Star Tribune, “Rosenblum: Divorced dads get big gift from fired-up moms,” Gail Rosenblum, June 8, 2013