Prenuptial agreements may help dog owners during divorce

Many pet owners in Massachusetts adore their dogs, viewing them as immediate family members. Therefore, it is easy to see why divorce can spark bitter battles between two people who share a dog. However, an increasing number of dog owners are deciding to put together pet prenuptial agreements prior to getting hitched to prevent such battles.

In pet prenuptial agreements, people can spell out how their dogs should be cared for as well as who should receive custody of their pets. Dog owners can additionally name which veterinarians will decide on the treatments their dogs will receive should they be in disagreement about how to care for their dogs medically. These pet prenuptial agreement provisions can easily help pet owners to avoid getting into arguments about their furry pals in the event they decide to get divorced.

Prenuptial agreements as a whole are becoming increasingly popular for two reasons. For older individuals who are getting married once again, these agreements can help them to protect the property that they accumulated during their previous marriages. For younger people, prenuptial agreements can be helpful for protecting any assets they accumulate in the future.

In many situations, though, people decide to get divorced but never put together prenuptial agreements. However, they may still be able to prevent substantial conflict by handling issues such as property division at the negotiation table or through an alternative dispute resolution process, such as mediation. An attorney in Massachusetts can help those who are getting divorced to pursue the best outcomes for themselves given the circumstances of their marital breakups.