Study finds view of prenuptial agreements varies among genders

As previously discussed in our Worchester family law blog, marital agreements no longer carry the stigma associated with them in the past. Massachusetts family law attorneys use prenuptial agreements as a tool to assist clients in the division of their assets in the worst case scenario. Prenups are planning devices that can actually help foster a harmonious marriage.

A recent study found somewhat surprising results when it comes to the view of prenuptial agreements among men and women. The study found that women are more likely than men to see these agreements as a means to protect property and children from a previous marriage. Women are also more likely to recommend a prenuptial agreement and see their advantages. The study found that men are more likely to see the potential negatives of prenuptial agreements, such as wrongly placing the emphasis of a marriage on money or completely deterring a couple from marriage.

According to the study, two out of four women do not see a disadvantage to a prenup. Only one in four men do not see a disadvantage. About half of both genders see prenup discussions as helping to start an honest dialogue about money.

Despite the differing views of marital agreements between the sexes, there is no doubt that these are helpful devices for the future disposition of marital and separate property. Prenuptial agreements can be specifically tailored for each client, and can provide for items such as alimony, child support and fidelity clauses. Clients should be careful to remember that marital agreements, including prenups, are contracts. For this reason, it is important to get the assistance of an experienced family law attorney prior to entering into a marital agreement.

Source: Millionaire Corner, “How do men vs women view prenuptial agreements?,” Adriana Reyneri, May 13, 2013