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The law firm you select to represent you will have an impact on the outcome of your legal matter. Although it is imperative that your lawyer have a thorough understanding of statutes and court decisions, knowing the law isn’t the same thing as practicing it. An attorney should also know how to effectively resolve problems and disputes, develop clear strategies for accomplishing client goals, and provide comprehensive representation that addresses related legal issues.

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SederLaw has you covered. Our approach to law is summed up concisely in our Firm’s motto: “For the life of your business and the business of your life.” When you retain us, you have a dedicated advocate who will walk with you each step of the way. Find out why so many Worcester businesses, families, and individuals entrust their legal matters to us.

SederLaw practices across a number of different areas of law, including:

Client-Centered Legal Counsel

Many law firms will tell you that they put the needs of their clients first. But when it comes time to handle their legal issues, they fail to deliver personalized results that take their clients’ concerns into account. You may have a corporate or family law issue, but if you’re like most clients we represent, you likely have a few questions, too. And you want to understand the implications of one course of action over another or know more about why the law requires certain obligations on your part.

Putting our clients and their needs first requires taking the time to learn what their goals and interests are. It means encouraging them to ask questions and providing answers that clarify and satisfy them. Now, more than ever, it’s hard to find good service. But we’ve made it a mission to deliver good legal service to our Worcester clients.

Client-centered representation is something we take seriously, as evidenced by the reputation we have consistently honed over the past one hundred years. Many of our clients come back to us to assist them with legal matters that touch on other parts of their lives. We also have a strong book of business based on referrals from relatives and friends. You can count on the SederLaw team.

Personalized Solutions for Litigation and Transactional Matters

Our firm represents clients both inside and outside the courtroom. If you have a pending court case, we understand the relevant rules of discovery, evidence, and civil procedure that you will need to navigate through trial. Conversely, your matter may be one that is resolved without the involvement of courts, such as putting together an estate plan. Many areas of law touch on both litigation and transactional work, and we’re prepared to handle both.

We recognize that regardless of the legal issue you need help with, a customized solution is the only solution. Every client is different, and so is every matter that comes through our doors. You deserve a personalized approach that addresses each aspect of your case once and for all. That’s what you will get with SederLaw.

To deliver a customized solution, our attorneys often consult with one another to share insights into the issues at hand. This enables us to advise clients on related topics. For instance, if you’re launching a new company, you may need not only a corporate attorney but a tax lawyer. We endeavor to build a legal strategy that is thorough and all-encompassing.

Our Approach To Resolving Client Matters

When a client retains SederLaw, we work to find out everything we need to know so our advice fully and finally resolves the client’s needs. It begins with asking questions and learning what the facts are. Doing this ensures we have everything necessary to counsel the client. If needed, we can conduct an investigation or use formal discovery tactics to acquire more information.

Throughout the process, we make sure that any client questions are answered and concerns are addressed. We maintain the highest standards of legal ethics and keep our promise of being zealous advocates. Your attorney should be your trusted legal partner from start to finish, and that’s our commitment to you.

Counselors and Advisors to You and Your Business

You, your family, and your business deserve trusted legal advisors and counselors. The matter you bring to us may be routine or it may be unusual. Your legal issue could be relatively simple or complicated. Regardless, we will treat you and your case with seriousness and respect. We will not leave you in the dark as to the status of your court case, because we will make sure to keep you updated. You won’t have problems reaching your lawyer, because we know that communication is essential to client representation.

Our attorneys have extensive legal, technical, and business experience at their disposal and are ready to put it to work for you. We serve clients in numerous industries, including banking and finance, real estate, construction, hospitality, and human resources. We also represent clients in more personal matters such as family law, probate, and trusts and estates.

Trusted Members of the Worcester Community

Our commitment to Worcester isn’t limited to practicing law. We have deep ties to the community and serve various causes outside of the legal arena. That includes working with civic and charitable groups and devoting time to community service. SederLaw is dedicated to improving the lives of our families, friends, and neighbors in Worcester and Central Massachusetts.

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As a full-service law firm, SederLaw represents clients throughout Worcester, Massachusetts for both simple and complex legal matters. Whether you are a business in the middle of a dispute, or a family going through a divorce, our legal team is dedicated to advocating on your behalf. If you have a legal matter in Worcester, Massachusetts that you would like to discuss, contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation