An important question during divorce has to do with the house

For those embarking on the process of ending a marriage in Massachusetts, figuring out what exactly to do and when to do it can be exhausting. Getting advice from friends may seem helpful, but with various friends and family members having their own unique experiences, the information obtained from them may only muddy the waters. One area in particular that may cause confusion during divorce is determining whether to stay in the marital home.

Deciding whether to keep the house is both a financial and an emotional decision. Determining one’s priorities is the first step in making this decision. The decision to stay in the marital home is often based solely on emotions, with those getting divorced failing to take into consideration its economic consequences.

Divorce can easily change a spouse’s divorce picture, so he or she may not be able to afford to keep the house alone. After all, home maintenance costs can be hefty and could take up money that needs to go to other obligations. Rather than keeping the home, it may make more sense to downsize and simply pocket half of the home’s equity.

Divorce is filled with hard decisions, and knowing exactly what to do in every situation from the start is nearly impossible. A qualified attorney in Massachusetts can offer the guidance needed to make informed decisions every step of the way. The attorney’s aim is to make sure that one receives a fair share of the assets and can move on from the divorce in as strong of a financial position as possible.

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