Boston can be great place to start business

Although Harvard Business School graduates have been lukewarm about starting businesses in Boston, the city has much to offer a start-up company. The act of business formation should always take into account the benefits as well as the disadvantages of company start-ups, and Boston, which many feel is not friendly to entrepreneurs, can actually offer some benefits to the novice business owner.

Although some experts state that entrepreneurs see Boston as having an inferior lifestyle and being unfriendly to business, the city has many advantages for business owners. Plenty of “start-up ready talent” is available in this college city, as well as mentorship from some of the country’s best business owners. Boston is also full of people who have the vision to solve big business problems, including those who brainstorm creative solutions to the problems facing business owners.

As a city, Boston can be a good cradle for business, although its advantages are not always heralded by the “experts” such as those at Harvard Business School. However, that does not change the fact that the city has a great deal to offer entrepreneurs and business owners who take advantage of the structure and talent already in place in this metropolitan area.

One of the most important things any business owner can do is to be aware of the laws surrounding the startup of a business and the maintenance of that business once it has been founded. A business attorney may be able to advise both new business owners and veterans of laws that affect their particular line of work.

Source: CNN Money, “Why Boston is attracting great entrepreneurs,” Brent Grinna, March 21, 2013