Mediation may be a wise move during divorce

The dissolution of a marriage in Massachusetts can be a difficult process no matter how amicable both spouses try to be. After all, the courtroom procedures can begin to take their toll on the couple both financially and emotionally. However, going to trial is not the only option when it comes to getting a divorce. Divorce mediation can be a viable alternative.

Mediation involves having closed-door sessions with a future ex and a mediator who acts as a neutral third party during these sessions. The purpose of these meetings is for both spouses to discuss how they would like their divorce matters handled, such as property distribution and child custody. Eventually, both parties will ideally arrive at an agreement that both parties like.

A major benefit of mediation is that is less expensive than going to trial. In addition, with mediation, spouses may be able to achieve better closure than they would by going through traditional divorce litigation. Being able to resolve matters amicably can help to build a foundation for more positive interactions down the road, especially if the two parties will have to co-parent after the divorce has been finalized.

However, if both parties cannot make divorce mediation work for them in Massachusetts, they have no choice but to go to trial to make their individual cases. Unfortunately, litigation can be a lot more stressful and costly in the long run. Whether a couple uses mediation or litigation, an attorney in Massachusetts can help a spouse to fight for his or her fair share of assets and to pursue an outcome that is ultimately in his or her best interests.

Source:, “Is Mediation a Good Idea for Your Divorce?“, Awais Ahmed, Oct. 4, 2017