Helping families in Central Massachusetts revolve child custody disputes

There are times, when families face challenges and disputes that are difficult to overcome on their own. If left to deal with matters related to divorce, child custody, spousal support and dividing assets on their own; many exes simply wouldn’t be able to come to an agreement or resolution. For these reasons, exes who are dealing with these types of highly emotional and important issues are advised to contact a family law professional.

The family law attorneys at the Law Firm of Seder & Chandler, LLP have helped many families throughout Central Massachusetts. We understand the pain, anger and sadness that often accompany the divorce process and help clients understand their options and work to negotiate a settlement that positions clients for post-divorce success.


Among the most difficult and contentious of all family law matters are those related to child custody. This can be especially true in cases where a child’s parents were never married. When possible, our attorneys are dedicated to helping parents resolve disputes over child custody and visitation outside of court and through the mediation process. There are times, however, when an out-of-court agreement cannot be reached and a case must be litigated.

When representing clients in child custody disputes, our attorneys take time to assess a child’s mental and emotional state to determine what is truly in his or her best interests with regard to seeking primary, sole or joint custody. In custody cases involving allegations of drug or alcohol abuse or domestic violence, our attorneys advocate on behalf of a client and his or her child to ensure that everyone’s best interests are served.