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Family Law & Probate Practice Expansion: Jeffrey Greenberg to Offer Private Conciliation Services

Marriage, children, extended family, personal finances, physical and mental health are sensitive topics laid bare in family law and probate cases. What clients need most is a plain-spoken, neutral assessment of their case. Private conciliation provides clients the opportunity to discuss their differences outside of the courtroom with an experienced neutral professional. A conciliator offers each client, with their lawyer, an objective evaluation of their case. This unbiased assessment facilitates resolution of issues, lower legal fees, and reduces risk faced in a courtroom proceeding. Conciliation is an excellent alternative to the personal and financial strain that clients face as they navigate the legal system.

Jeffrey Greenberg is pleased to announce the expansion of his practice to include private conciliation services. Lawyers and clients who choose conciliation will resolve their family law and probate estate cases with less risk, cost and emotional strain.

Mr. Greenberg has learned more than successful advocacy in almost thirty years of practice. His decades of experience assessing each side of a case is a key part of this success. This skill, applied in a neutral setting, will guide clients to good results with less confrontation.

Jeffrey Greenberg has practiced in the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court, Superior Court, District Court, Housing Court, Appeals Court and Supreme Judicial Court for twenty-eight years. He concentrates his practice in all areas of family law, divorce, modification, contempts, pre- and post- nuptial agreements, as well as guardianships, conservatorships, and probate estate litigation.

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